4 Tools for Complex Roofing Projects

Is there anything worse than showing up at work to realize that you don’t have the proper roofing tools and equipment that can handle the complexity of the project?

Whether you are a roofer or a professional contractor it is a must for you to know the right set of tools needed for a complex roofing project.

Tools needed for complex roofing projects are roofing hammer, roofing shovel, framing square, caulking gun, pry bars, chalk line, etc.

A wide range of Makita tools specially designed for roofing projects is available in the market.

1. Roofing Hammer

A roofing hammer also is known as a roofing hatchet is a must in every roofer’s toolbox.

A roofing hammer is a basic yet very essential tool to set or remove nails and to tear shingles easily. The latest roofing hammer comes with magnetic heads for holding nails, allowing one-hand driving.

2. Roofing Shovel

A roofing shovel also known as a shingle ripper, lets you tear off the existing shingles, flushed nails, and push them out of your way.

A roofing shovel is a proper tool to remove the old shingles to make room for the new ones.

3. Air Compressor

To operate the pneumatic tools used in a roofing project, a roofer will need a reliable air compressor and should make sure that air volume and air pressure are compatible with the air tools.

The size of the air compressor to be used depends on the number of roofing nailers you plan to use.

4. Caulking Gun

A caulking gun is used for repairing roofs that require roofing cement.

Using a caulking gun is a better choice for doing this kind of work than a self-contained tube of squeezed caulk because it offers better control of dispensation of the cement when you want to stop it.



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