Why You Should Choose Tree Surgeons in Bognor Regis UK

Whether you are a business or a home owner, your property can benefit greatly from the help of expert Bognor Regis tree surgeons. Their team can help service your trees at any life stage with a careful and skilled hand. No matter what type of service your trees need, they can be sure to get the job done.


One important aspect is how the tree rangers take the utmost care in conserving rare species and conservation of trees altogether. They work closely with local authorities in order to make the necessary steps to preserve lands and trees. The tree rangers will assist with all paperwork as well as act as the bridge of communication between the client and the local council. They understand that preserving these species is an important step for a better world and want to make sure that it is easy for their clients to do so as well.

If your land is home to a rare species or you would rather have a conservation title on the land instead of selling it for commercial or residential use, the tree rangers can surely help. They take pride in protecting the ecology of any trees and understand the vital need to preserve certain species or any green life for that matter. If you are considering conservation as a step for your land, allow the tree rangers to help you out with the complex process.


Removal specifications can vary due to the wide range of needs or issues that can arise. No matter if there is a pesky tree stump or the canopy of your tree has grown too much, the tree rangers can take care of the job.

They are also expert at felling. Felling involves the removal of dangerous or completely dead trees or more mature trees that have outgrown their space. The team works together to remove the tree in sections so as to ensure a safe process. The debris is taken care of as well and either recycled, kept by the property owner, or removed depending on the client’s wishes.

When it comes to stump removals, they can easily and safely take care of any sized stump. They operate special machinery which will grind out the stump and remove the entire root system as well. This prevents re-growth and allows for easier removal.


Coppicing is a technique that will encourage your trees to grow stronger and healthier with each season. This woodland management method is a way to promote new growth by cutting the trees to nearly ground level. While this may seem counterproductive, it is an effective way for many species to continue their lifecycle. Coppicing is a complex technique that can be beneficial to many tree species. Click here now to read more on the act of coppicing.

Although it can take a few years for the trees to fully regain their height and size back, this technique is used so that there can be a harvested crop each year. Once the trees have been coppiced, they will re-grow and be able to be harvested and therefore coppiced again. Of course, the length of the cycle will depend on the species of the tree, as well as the use that the end product will be put. Either way, if you have land that uses trees for intent to harvest, our team can help coppice your grounds. This will promote a stronger harvest for the years to come.


Tree and shrubbery maintenance is one of our specialties. The tree rangers can provide your trees and shrubbery the care and upkeep they need to be beautiful, healthy, and most importantly, safe. They can trim hedges and shrubs to your specific desires and reduce the look of the overgrown state. Regular maintenance for your shrubbery can provide a clean and tidy look which is more appealing for your property or garden.

They can also reshape your trees. Reshaping involves the transformation of neglected or older looking trees back to their former glory as a beautiful specimen. Not to mention, their team of experts can also prune your trees. Pruning will allow the prevention or rectification of damage to power lines or nearby buildings. Another benefit to pruning is the trees will have a dramatic increase to the next yield they produce.

When it comes to your garden, arboretum, conservatory, land, or the even the hedges or shrubbery on your property, the tree rangers can take care of it. Their entire team of experts can carefully and safely handle removals, maintenance, and specialty jobs to ensure that your trees and bushes are looking their healthiest and their best. They understand the importance of conservation as well as promoting growth and they can offer you and your trees anything you need.