How To Repair Cracks And Holes In Drywall

Having surface cracks in your home walls can be a huge bummer. It can also make you feel like your home is falling apart. Even if you’re dealing with a tiny crack that can easily be fixed, letting it stay as is can make you feel a lot worse about your home, even if its brand new. Luckily, repairing holes in your wall isn’t hard to do, especially with the help of the right drywall repair in sandy ut. Drywall can be a bit tricky to fix, but as long as you’re using the right tools, you should be able to get rid of any unsightly cracks, bumps, and blemishes in no time. Don’t worry about making a slight nick or dent in the wall while trying to hang a picture or repaint. As long as you’re armed with the right stuff, you’ll be able to cover over any wall imperfections without issue. Ready to start? Here are all the things you need to know about patching up your drywall.

Determine the Damage

Before you whip out the power tools, you have to think about what you actually need to do to get your walls back to normal. While some minor damage points, such as tiny cracks or nicks, can be easily repaired with a bit of spackle and maybe even a new coat of paint, others will take a bit more elbow grease. Determining the actual damage will also help you make a balanced choice regarding whether or not you can do the job by yourself or should hire a professional. In some cases, trying to do everything yourself could actually make the damage worse, so it’s important to take some time to really be honest about what you’re looking at. Are there shallow cracks that run lengthwise? You can probably tackle the job yourself. Are you looking at giant divets in the wall? Depending on what’s behind that wall, and whether or not you’re going to need to go deep and risk chipping into your home’s foundation, you might end up needing to call on the help of a professional. No matter what the damage is, don’t feel like you need to do everything by yourself.

Pop Out Nails

In many cases, drywall gets damaged when we try to place a nail in the wall while hanging a print or a light fixture. Since drywall is notoriously brittle and crumbly, it can be hard to avoid hitting a point in the wall where your nail simply won’t hold, and your wall seems to fall apart and great a giant, scary-looking hole. Don’t panic: Even though it looks like you’ve created a giant chasm in your wall, you’ll probably be able to repair the damage using a few basic tools. If you have a nail stuck in there, you can use the reverse setting on your power drill to pull it out. As long as you have a tight grip on it, you should be able to easily pull out even the toughest nails. After you’re done, you can use a bit of spackle to patch up the hole. If it’s a bit too deep for that, or if you’ve hit something deeper into the wall, you may need to use your patch repair kit.

Use a Patch Kit to Repair

Usually you can find a drywall repair kit at your local hardware store. These come equipped with a small piece of drywall “patch” and some adhesive material that will help you hold it in place. Once you have your patch secured, all you have to do is cut around it with a saw or a precision tool. You can reinforce the patch with fiberglass to smooth it over. This should be able to repair smaller cracks and even deep holes. However, if you’re looking at a large swatch of chipped wall or a longer vertical crack, you may need to call in some help.

Call a Professional for Larger Repairs

Before you try to attempt a huge repair solo, you should definitely think about calling a professional. While repairing smaller holes and cracks shouldn’t take up too much of your time, you don’t want to risk sawing too deep on a larger repair. Not only can this create a larger crack, you could end up cutting past the drywall and into the foundation, which won’t just create problems for your wall, but potentially endanger your home as well. Don’t put yourself at risk. Call an experienced repair company to ask about the damage and see if you can get a quick repair done today.